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The Ballad of Johnny Longstaff (CD)

THE BALLAD OF JOHNNY LONGSTAFF: Released December 7, 2018

‘In the summer of 1939, as war clouds loomed over Europe, Johnny Longstaff, a 19-year old lad from Teesside, went to the House of Commons to meet his local MP. He had just returned from fighting against fascism in the Spanish Civil War. Hearing footsteps coming down the corridor he turned to see the figure of Winston Churchill approaching. Churchill looked the teenage soldier up and down, took his cigar out of his mouth, and said ‘Would young men like you be prepared to fight against Hitler?’ The lad took a deep breath before he answered; ‘Mr Churchill,’ he said, ‘I’ve been fighting Hitler all of my life.’

The Ballad of Johnny Longstaff is the story of one man’s adventure from begging on the streets in the north of England to fighting against fascism in the Spanish Civil War, taking in the Hunger Marches and the Battle of Cable Street. It’s a timely, touching and often hilarious musical adventure following the footsteps of one working class hero who witnessed some of the momentous events of the 1930s. With their trademark harmony, honesty and humour the Teesside trio bring together 16 specially composed songs, spoken word, striking imagery and the real recorded voice of Johnny himself to tell a remarkable human story oozing with modern relevance.

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1. Any Bread?

2. Carrying the Coffin

3. Hostel Strike

4. Cable Street

5. Robson's Song

6. Ta-ra to Tooting

7. Noddy

8. The Great Tomorrow

9. Ay Carmella

10. Paella

11. No Hay Pan

12. Trench Tales

13. Lewis Clive

14. Bob Cooney's Miracle

15. Over the Ebro

16. David Guest

17. The Valley of Jarama

  • CD - £12.00
  • CD - £12.00
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