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Another Man's Ground

Inspired by the actions of a group of Stockton residents who chased a Benefits Street film crew from their doors, Another Man’s Ground sees the trio celebrate their working class roots in trademark harmony and maintain their commitment to social commentary with striking songs like The Streets of Lahore – relating the brutal ‘honour killing’ of Farzana Parveen in Pakistan in 2014.

Other original compositions from group songwriter Sean Cooney have their roots in the First World War including the tale of the soldier whose moving message in a bottle was fished out of the sea 85 years after his death and delivered to his ageing daughter (Private Hughes) and the story of the German sergeant who came to the rescue of a British soldier serving him bread and wine in a shell hole in 1915 (Brewster and Wagner).

8 of the tracks are unaccompanied including a striking version of Billy Bragg’s classic Between the Wars and the beautiful Tenting Tonight which weeks after its original publication was being sung by soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War. The album was produced by the acclaimed Andy Bell (Spiers and Boden/The Full English). The full track listing is below.

  1. Jimmy Go Down to Your Uncles (Trad)
  2. You Won’t Find Me on Benefits Street (Cooney/Eagle)
  3. The Streets of Lahore (Cooney)
  4. Between the Wars (Bragg)
  5. The Drift from the Land (Miles)
  6. Private Hughes (Cooney)
  7. Tom Paine’s Bones (Moore)
  8. The Brisk Lad (Trad)
  9. Waiting for the Ferry (Miles)
  10. School Days Over (MacColl)
  11. Tenting Tonight (Kittredge)
  12. Brewster & Wagner (Bonus featuring Bob Fox) (Cooney)
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  • CD - £12.00
  • Default Title - £12.00
  • CD - £12.00
  • CD - £12.00
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