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“Sounds of Identity: British Values through Stories and Songs”

Available April-September 2017

The Young’uns – Sounds of Identity Workshop



Bringing the energy, fun and inspiration of a Young’uns performance to the classroom

With more than 15 years of educational experience between them, The Young’uns are inspiring, confident and flexible facilitators of a wide range of music and arts services for schools, festivals and organisations. They are as comfortable working with early years and KS1 children as they are with teenagers and adults and work closely with schools and partners in order to offer the most suitable package.

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The Young’uns seek to inspire and stimulate creativity across the curriculum and promote a sense of community cohesion by sharing with young people their great passion for English song, story and heritage.

  1. Songwriting: The Young’uns have written and recorded songs with primary and secondary groups and classes for special school topics and events at the request of teachers. Topics have included The Suffragettes, The Slave Trade, African Independence, The Miner’s Strike, Animals of the Great War, a variety of Teesside Stories and much much more.
  2. Intergenerational Projects: The Young’uns have delivered inspiring projects in which young people from deprived areas have conducted interviews with older members of their communities and turned their memories into song for public performances and special community CDs.
  3. Sea Shanties: The Young’uns have brought the rollicking, rolling working songs of the sea into more than 50 different schools, teaching the value of teamwork through fun, interactive and inspiring workshops. The workshops inspire a sense of teamwork in the classroom and develop cohesion in the wider school community; inspire less academic pupils to participate fully in learning through fun, interactive, engaging workshops; and develop cross curricular links between literacy, history, music and foreign languages.

If you would like to discuss a package for your school, contact Michael Hughes for more information.